CNC Machining Parts

We offer a number of traditional manufacturing methods, including CNC machining. We use lathe-, router-, mill-, and drill-based CNC machining equipment. 
What IS CNC machining?
CNC machining is a subtractive manufacturing process that uses rotating computer-controlled cutting tools like drills, end mills, and turning tools to remove material from a solid block of material, thereby shaping the part.
Digital design files direct the CNC machines how to cut the block (also known as the “workpiece”) and multiple machines can use the same design file at the same time, which greatly increases the speed of the production process.
CNC machining is a viable option for manufacturing parts with a range of materials, from plastic and metal to wood, fiberglass, and more.
Because CNC machining production doesn’t require the creation of expensive molds, manufacturers can begin production far sooner than they can with other processes. CNC machining is highly automated, enabling production both during and outside work hours with minimal input from human workers. What’s more, multiple CNC machines can work from the same design, simultaneously producing identical parts — ultimately shortening production lead times and saving on costs.
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