Kway provides a turnkey solution on injection molding parts production for manufacturers in a wide range of industries. Our complete design and manufacturing process includes part modeling and mold design, prototyping, tool sourcing, production planning, sample verification, process control, decorating, secondary processing,packaging and handle shipment.
Core Services
✔ Injection Mold Making (production molds)
✔  Injection Mold Part Production (high volume)
✔ Rapid Prototyping (CNC & sheet metal)
✔  Rapid Tooling (low-volume molds)
✔ Injection Mold Part Production (low volume)
✔ Custom Mold Base Solutions
✔ Engineering (part & mold design)
✔ Moldex3D & DFMPro (a la carte)
✔ High volume production (CNC & sheet metal)

About the injection moulding
Injection molding is an elegant and simple manufacturing process that can quickly produce intricate shapes for custom parts and products. Injection molding is the process of choice for companies looking to produce repeatable parts with strict mechanical requirements. 
Injection molding is a popular manufacturing option for high-production runs, not only because of the consistent quality of the manufactured plastic parts, but also because the price-per-part decreases with higher quantity manufacturing runs. 

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